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Photo of Joe Lust

Joe Lust

Google Developer Expert in Cloud @ mabl
Joe is a passionate lecturer, blogger, organizer, and software engineer with a focus on creating distributed cloud systems and architectures. He is a maker, crafting cloud systems @ mabl professionally as the cloud infrastructure lead, and spending his nights and weekends crafting tech content and co-organizing the Boston GDG Cloud chapter. He also is the lead engineer and co-founder at medical analytics firm MDDetails. Joe has spoken at conferences like Google Cloud Next, GitHub Satellite, GitLab Commit, Atlassian Team, and STPCon. He is a recognized engineer, as a Google Developer Expert in cloud, Google Cloud Innovator Champion, and GitHub Champion. In the analog world, he is a dedicated husband, father, distance runner, and amateur carpenter.
12:00:00 PM - 12:45:00 PM

Lightning Fast Webapps on the Serverless Cloud

Building high performance webapps is easier than ever with the serverless cloud. We’ll discuss how you can rapidly, efficiently, and cheaply deploy Server Side Rendered (SSR) apps on Google Cloud Run and Firebase.